The Doctorate in Peace and Conflict Studies, housed within CIPS, is a highly specialized program based on individualized teaching and supervision. It consists of 1 year of coursework imparting rigorous training for independent, multidisciplinary research, followed by 3 to 4 years of independent research and writing. The training regimen for the program aims to provide students with the tools necessary for developing professionally advanced methodical reasoning and theoretical analysis capabilities. Students engage with both major trends and emergent new outlooks in PCS as a field with immense scope, receiving rigorous training in research methods for studying the macro-micro etiology of conflict, as well as multimodal and multilevel intervention and prevention approaches. To this end, elective courses encompass key contemporary global developments ranging from innovation in critical theories on peace and conflict, to contemporary issues surrounding international security, multilateralism, pandemic crisis management, security development, and the politics and processes of arms control and disarmament. Doctoral research at CIPS not only presents a meaningful contribution to the academic literature under the PCS stream but also addresses crucial policy concerns in areas such as traditional and non-traditional understandings of security and legal processes involved in addressing international conflicts.

Course Curriculum

Sr.No Course Code Subjects Credit Hours Related SDG Pre Requisite Course Content
1 DVST-846 Gender and Development 3+0 1,2,3,4,5,6
2 PCS-801 Research Design in Peace &Conflict 3+0
3 PCS-802 Contemporary Peace and Conflict Studies 3+0 1,10,16
4 PCS-803 Theories of Peace and Conflict 3+0 16
5 PCS-804 Conflict &Conflict Resolution 3+0 16
6 PCS-820 Conflict, Peace & Development 3+0 1,10,16
7 PCS-805 Peacekeeping & Peace-building 3+0 16
8 PCS-811 Regionalism and Regional Security in South Asia 3+0
9 PCS-812 Peace, Arms Control and Disarmament 3+0
10 PCS-813 Pakistan: Nation, State & Security 3+0
11 PCS-821 Peace, Multilateralism and the UN 3+0 16
12 PCS-822 Contemporary Global Issues 3+0
13 PCS-823 International Security 3+0
14 DVST-813 Participation, Power and Social Change 3+0 1,3,4,5,8,10,16
15 PCS-999 PhD Thesis 30+0
16 PCS-824 International Humanitarian Law 3+0 1,2,5,16
17 PCS-825 Crisis Management in a Pandemic 3+0
18 PCS-826 Islamic Peace and Conflict Resolution 3+0 5,16
19 PCS-827 Dynamics of Politics, Peace and Conflict in Africa 3+0 16
20 GPP-819 Policy Perspectives on Migration and Refugees 3+0 15
21 GPP-821 Politics of Terrorism 3+0 16
22 MC-837 Conflict Peace & Media 3+0 10,16
Additional Course
Sr.No Course Code Subjects Credit Hours Related SDG Pre Requisite Course Content
1 SEM/WKSP-997 Seminar / Workshop 1+0 2,4,9,11,17
2 AWS-898 Academic Writing Skills and Practicum 2+0