Departments Peace Operation Training

Peace Operation Training

This department focuses on the capacity building of all potential peacekeepers (civil-military) likely to be engaged in UN Peacekeeping Missions worldwide. This is done by providing desired theoretical as well as the practical knowledge on complete spectrum of Peace and Security activities. The training programs of the department are so designed as to equip the participants with not only the Core UN functioning but also the specialized job/ assignments the participants are likely to assume. At CIPS, this is just another dimension of our global peace and stability mission. With the purpose to achieve similarity streamlining UN specific academic necessity, a consensus build syllabus designed by the UN Integrated Training Service (UNITS) is adopted at PKT Dept, CIPS.  The curriculum, however, is suitable supplemented with ‘hands on’ experiences and the best global practices. During conduct of various courses, Subject Matters Experts are also invited to sensitize the participants in various UN related domains. Culmination point are invariably the “Scenario Based Exercises” wherein responses from the courses’ participants are invoked for a comprehensive end results.

Training Objectives: Peacekeeping

  • Acquaint participants with UN organization, its main functions, mandate, legal framework, the principles and the guidelines of peacekeeping
  • Develop participants’ knowledge base related to their roles and responsibilities and various tiers functioning at UN as well as at field missions
  • Share the best practices, the methods and techniques that can contribute towards accomplishment of mission mandate
  • Acquaint the participants with civil-military dynamics of conflict zone including socio-cultural and religious sensitivities
  • Enhance understanding on Respect for Diversity and Responsibilities to Protect the Civilians in Conflict Zone

Following is the list of UN peacekeeping courses offered at PKT Dept, CIPS: –

  • UN Senior Mission Leadership Course (UNSMLC). In line with the “Training Objectives”, The purpose is to sensitize the participants on functioning of UN and its affiliated organizations/agencies for Peacekeeping/Peace building Operations in UN Mission areas; the duties of Senior Mission Leadership deployed in the respective mission areas.
  • UN Contingent Commanders Course (UNCCC). It is by and large identical to UNSMLC above. All Contingent Commanders join us for their sensitization on function of UN and its affiliated organizations / agencies for Peacekeeping / Peace building operations in UN Mission areas.
  • Train the Trainers Course. This Course is meant to train the “Master Trainers” who subsequently form part of the team under respective contingent commanders.
  • UN Staff Officers Course (UNSOC). The purposes is to sensitize the participants about function of all UN and its affiliated orgs / agencies and staff related aspects for Peacekeeping / Peace building operations in UN mission areas, with special emphasis on staff function at mission / force / sector HQ
  • UN Military Observers Course (UNMOC). It is designed to sensitize the potential observers about their roles, responsibilities and duties under Chap VI of the UN Charter and also to function under Chap VII when integrated to Force HQ under Multidimensional UN mission.
  • UN Comprehensive Protection of Civilians Course (UNCPOC). Consistent to its designation and UN Security Resolutions, the course has a mix blend of civilian, serving and retired military personnel (potential peacekeepers) regarding their roles and responsibilities to protect the civilians in conflict zone
  • UN Logistics Officers Course(UNLOC). A specially designed course to train all potential logistic staff officers on UN logistics and supply chain management in concert with the UN support components in the mission areas.
  • UN Police Officers Training Course (UNPOTC). A specially designed course for training and sensitization of police officers for their possible deployment in various UN mission areas.
  • UN Gender Advisor Course (UNGAC). In sync with UN SG resolve this course is meant to lay desired emphasis on Women Peace and Security, Youth Peace and Security with specific focus on employment of peacekeepers as Gender Advisor and Gender Focal in UN field missions.
  • UN Female Engagement Team Course (UNFETC). UN resolve is met by keeping pace with desired representation of Women peacekeepers while deploying military contingents, Staff Officers and Experts on the Mission. This course is one of its kind in the world and was introduced since 2019 to exclusively sensitize the women peacekeepers for the intended support.
  • The UN Engagement Platoon

Instructional Modules 

It is based upon UN Integrated Training Service Department. Curriculum is suitably supplemented by the Best Practices and Lesson Learned. The leading modules for each course are as follows: –

  • Module 1 : Core Pre-deployment Training Material (CPTM) It is designed to developing understanding of the participants with regard to the broader system of the UN, Security Council (SC) and all other principal organs; the Legal Framework governing Peace and Conflict Regime; functioning of Substantive and Support Components and other lead UN partners; UN Code of Conduct, Respect for the Diversity and all subjects specific to mainstream resolutions like, Protection of Civilian, Child Protection, Conflict Related Sexual Violence/ Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, UNHIV/AIDS and health etc.
  • Module 2:   Specialized Training Material (STM). Considering the crucial interface, the roles and responsibilities of respective experts on the mission, the STM is mean to provide guidance to the trainers in order to harmonize the different doctrinal perspectives and also to establish a baseline standard for pre-deployment training for their command, operational and staff related aspects. All quintessential subjects that help in functioning under UN security and cultural environment are grouped in STM.
  • Module 3 Reinforcement Training Material (RTP) packet. The UN Department of Peace Operations developed a suite of training packages to prepare peacekeepers for their deployment to UN missions. Amongst these packages are the Specialised / Reinforcement Training Materials for specific military duties and military units. In the peacekeeping environment, United Nations personnel may operate in remote areas with fragile security conditions. Peace Operations are evolving and adapting in this complex operational environment. United Nations Staff Officers (UNSO), specifically Military Peacekeeping-Intelligence Officers (MPKIO) are required to undergo a robust pre-deployment training program in accordance with DPO’s Operational Readiness Assurance and Performance Standards. This Reinforcement Training Material (RTP) packet will provide member states with the UN pre-deployment requirements, lessons, and materials specifically designed for MPKIO. The intent and content of this RTP are not to duplicate guidelines and training materials that are already outlined in United Nations Military Staff Officers training materials or the Core Pre-Deployment Training Materials (CPTM); instead, these training materials focus on the intelligence frameworks and will supplement and expand on the UNSO lessons to better prepare the MPKIO for UN peacekeeping missions.
  • Module 4   Presentation from Adjunct Faculty (SME). The representatives from broader system of the UN, those functioning hand in glove as UN partners, are also called upon to share respective departments’ principles, works ethics and obligations with the course participants.
  • Module 5   Scenario Based/ Table Top Exercises.   Besides short exercises designed within various subjects, each course follow a Day and half long exercise wherein the various scenarios are depicted invoking participants’ responses. This certainly marks the culmination stage where all participants are afforded opportunity to prepare and present their responses


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Abroad Visits – Faculty Members

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Head of Department Message

Syed Mohsan Shah

My Department is designed to train and sensitize the potential peacekeepers assigned to variety of duties under a diverse Peacekeeping environment. The asymmetric threats have not only affected the peace related efforts across the globe but also the peacekeepers are becoming victims in such complexities. Thus, all multidimensional, Integrated and Stabilization missions call for robust application of the force especially when it comes to ‘Protection of the Vulnerable Communities’. Mindful of our obligations to International peace efforts initiated by successive Security Council’s Resolutions (SCRs), a great deal of sensitivity is, therefore, attached to the training of peacekeepers reporting this Institution. While ‘Respect for Humanity’ is the linchpin, the course participants are reminded of their obligations to all mainstream SCRs so that they do not lose attention to any of the responsibility assigned therein. CIPS is among a very few of its kind in the world where peacekeeping is intrinsically linked to the academic pursuits in Peace and Conflict Regime. This hybrid connectivity makes CIPS a true Center of Excellence. The faculty of Peacekeeping Training Dept is blend of highly qualified and experienced senior rank retired army officers whose knowledge and colorful service and wide range of experience is a force-multipliers for the institute. Our female faculty member, a “Gender Lead”, is PhD scholar with expertise in ‘Women Peace and Security’ Regime. Working hand in glove with Peace and Conflict Studies Department, my Department has networked with other international peacekeeping schools, associations, universities and think tanks to share the best practices in peacekeeping related pursuits.

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