Visit of National Security War Course Delegation – 17th May 2022

A 46 members Delegation headed by Air Vice Marshal Imran Sharif visited CIPS on 17 May 2022.  The delegation was received by Associate Dean CIPS Brig. Tughral Yamin (Retd). After the welcome address, HoD PKT briefed the delegation about CIPS. This was followed by a discussion session. The members discussed different reasons for the continuation of conflict mainly in Africa and the ­­­reasons for the lack of advanced education in different fields. Further, the topics of interest for the question and answer session were related to UN Peacekeeping policies, the issue of Muslim Ummah/countries, and the official stance of Pakistan in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The research and Analysis Cell of CIPS provided its input on all of these above-mentioned themes/issues and generated a healthy debate among the participants. Associate Dean and the relevant Faculty members also responded to all the questions asked by the participants.

After the discussion session, an exchange of souvenirs took place, and afterward, the entire delegation was taken on a guided tour of NUST.  The NSWC delegation departed after a successful and informative visit to CIPS/NUST.