UNSOC Beijing 2023

Brig Muhammad Azam Agha recently served as an instructor during the United Nations Staff Officer (UNSO) Course in China from September 4 to 22, 2023. His representation of our Centre for International Peace and Stability (CIPS) was exemplary, showcasing not only his wealth of knowledge but also the values of our institution. The course aimed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the United Nations principles and policies. Brig Azam Agha’s active participation and insightful contributions not only resonated with peers and participants, fostering a positive image of CIPS internationally but also significantly contributed to the global discourse on peace and stability.

Beyond instructing, Brig Azam Agha played a pivotal role in our ongoing faculty exchange program, enhancing collaboration and knowledge-sharing with international institutions. His engagement with diverse faculty members not only shared our center’s best practices but also brought back valuable insights. The faculty exchange program, led by Brig Azam Agha, underscores our commitment to building meaningful partnerships for the advancement of peace and stability education worldwide.

Brig Dr. Khalid Mahmood Shafi, attend the UNMO Course as an Instructor in Korea from 10-27 Oct 2023.