STM-SO Working Group Session in Entebbe, Uganda

Brigadier Mohsin (Retd) played a notable role in the recent STM-SO Working Group Session in Entebbe, Uganda, held from October 9th to 20th, 2023. This session, focused on advancing the UNITS (United Nations Integrated Training Service) agenda, specifically addressed changes in CPTM (Core Pre-deployment Training Materials), a comprehensive revision of UNSO-STM (UN Military Staff Officers-Specialised Training Materials), and the addition of new injects in SBE (Scenario-based Exercise).

The plenary session drew participants from 18 countries, including DSs from Germany, France, Sweden, Australia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India. Discussions centered on ongoing UN peacekeeping missions in regions like Mali, Congo, and the Central African Republic. Key highlights from the discussions included:

  1. The need for revisions in teaching materials to enhance the decision-making process. Participants stressed the importance of a thorough and deliberate learning approach. Some training centers were already dedicating over five lectures to the military planning process, allocating additional time for learning through discussions.
  2. Incorporating additions to the Carana case study and scenario-based exercises. The majority of participants agreed on extending scenario-based exercises to three days.
  3. Implementing suitable changes in the curriculum for integrated assessment and planning.

The session provided valuable insights into the aims of the Specialized Training Material for Military Staff Officers. Discussions centered on the course materials supporting pre-deployment training for Troop Contributing Countries, emphasizing the importance of UN DPKO/DFS training standards. This standardization ensures a consistent military approach across Force and Sector levels in UN peacekeeping missions. The insights gained from the session played a pivotal role in fostering a more effective and uniform approach to peacekeeping efforts.