Seminars and Workshops An Expert Roundtable Discussion on Understanding Climate Security Nexus in Balochistan.
An Expert Roundtable Discussion titled, “Understanding Climate Security Nexus in Balochistan” was organized by CIPS, in collaboration with HSF, on 25th November 2022. The aim of the discussion was to understand the driving ‎factors behind the climate-security nexus and ‎pathologies linking climate change to conflicts.
The opening remarks were delivered by Prof. Dr.Tughral Yamin (Associate Dean CIPS). Lt. Gen. Inam Haider Malik (Chairman NDMA) graced the occasion as a chief guest. Other discussants included Dr. Muhammad Afzaal (Director R&D, PMD), Maj. Gen. Dr. M. Samrez Salik (R) (Former DG ISSRA, NDU), Shah Nasir Khan (Head of UN Resident Coordinator’s Office & Senior Strategic Planner), Dr. Philipp Johannes Zehmisch (South Asia Institute, Universität Heidelberg, Germany), Ms. Aisha Khan (Executive Director, Civil Society Coalition for Climate Change), and Mr. Abdul Wadood (Executive Director SEHER).
The panel discussion was moderated by Brig. Dr Fiaz Hussain Shah (R). With regards, specified themes under the discussion addressed varying climatic conditions and corresponding vulnerabilities that affect the security dynamics in Balochistan. It was highlighted that climate change acts as a ‘threat multiplier’, exacerbating the pre-existing socio-economic vulnerabilities in fragile contexts. During the concluding remarks, Maj. Gen Muhammad Salim Raza (Principal NIPCONS), highly appreciated the discussants for their valuable contribution to understand complex ‘climate-security’ nexus in the context of Balochistan.
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