Republic of Korea Peacekeeping Operations Center (ROKPKOC)

Brigadier (Retired) Dr. Khalid Mahmood Shafi actively participated as an instructor in the United Nations Military Observer Course (UNMO) through the “instructor exchange” program at the Republic of Korea Peacekeeping Operations Center (ROKPKOC) from October 9 to October 29, 2023. The course at ROKPKOC, where Brig. Dr. Khalid Mahmood Shafi instructed, was comprehensive and tailored specifically for UNMOs In current peacekeeping missions, UN Military Observers (UNMOs) often work unarmed in remote and challenging security conditions. Their roles, overseeing ceasefires and truces, continually adapt to the complexities of the operational environment. Thus professional instructors help peacekeepers to understand the dynamics of the missions.


It covered Conceptual, Legal, and Operational Frameworks, integrating key aspects such as the protection of civilians, gender considerations, Security Risk Management, and improvised explosive device safety. One notable highlight of the training was the emphasis on outdoor exercises, providing participating officers with a realistic experience by immersing them in barracks living—a crucial component that enhanced their preparedness for the challenges they might face in the field.


The outdoor training aspect at ROKPKOC added a practical dimension to the UNMO course, ensuring that officers not only gained theoretical knowledge but also acquired hands-on experience. The barracks’ living experience offered a genuine insight into the demands of peacekeeping missions, contributing to a more effective and well-rounded preparation for UNMOs operating in diverse and demanding environments.