News Summer Course 2023 (CPS-101) 17th – 28th July 2023

Summer Course 2023 (CPS-101) 17th – 28th July 2023



The concept of international ‘peace and security’ holds distinct meanings for various nations, influenced by their unique geopolitical, geostrategic, and social contexts. While the post-World War II era witnessed a relative period of tranquility following the establishment of the United Nations, the present security landscape is characterized by civil and intra-state conflicts, terrorism, organized crime, pandemics, the rise of nationalism, waning trust in global institutions, natural and manmade disasters, and the far-reaching impacts of climate change. These developments pose a severe threat to global stability, endangering the delicate equilibrium that underpins global peace.

Given that these challenges transcend national borders, the need for increased cooperation among states has become more critical than ever before. Regional and global multilateral institutions offer platforms for fostering collaboration, thereby offering a potential solution to this complex predicament. Consequently, an interdisciplinary approach that draws on various fields of study is essential to comprehend the causes and consequences of threats to both national and international peace and security.

The International Peace and Security (IPS) Summer Course 2023 is a comprehensive two-week program designed to explore the complex dynamics of global peace and security in the context of the contemporary world. This course aims to provide students and professionals with a deep understanding of the multifaceted challenges faced by nations and international institutions, as well as equip them with the necessary skills to analyze and address these issues effectively.


The primary objective of IPS course is to equip students with the knowledge and essential skills necessary to comprehend and critically analyze the evolving and contributing factors that challenge contemporary international peace and security. By delving into the course’s content, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of both the theoretical and historical foundations of politics, warfare, law, and economics. Moreover, they will explore the intricate interplay of factors, shaping and endangering the global order.


Our pedagogical approach has been meticulously customized to closely align with the specific learning outcomes of the course, thereby guaranteeing an educational experience that is impeccably structured for utmost efficacy. The course will incorporate a blend of interactive lectures, engaging discussions, and thought-provoking guest lectures delivered by esteemed national and international experts in the realm of peace and security. Participants will be actively encouraged to partake in discussions, fostering an enriched learning environment that elevates their educational experience.

Target Audience

The IPS Course – 2023 presents a unique opportunity for students and professionals from diverse academic backgrounds to engage with the complex issues surrounding peace and security. The course is open to undergraduate and graduate students, early-career professionals, researchers, and anyone interested in deepening their knowledge and understanding of peace and security issues.

Duration and Venue

The course will span two weeks, taking place from July 17 to July 28, 2023 at CIPS, NUST (H-12 Campus), Islamabad. The venue will provide a conducive learning environment and necessary facilities to facilitate interactive sessions and networking opportunities.


Participants, who successfully complete the course requirements, including active participation, will be awarded a certificate of completion. NUST students, on successful completion of the IPS Summer Course, will be awarded 2.0 credit hours. Please note that 75% attendance is mandatory for the award of completion certificate.


Registration and Fees structure

To register for the IPS Summer Course 2023, please scan the QR code. Complete the online registration form and deposit the registration fee in the given account.

Fee Structure

Students: Rs 12000/- (For NUST Students),     Rs 15000/-  (For other students)

Professional: Rs 20000/-

Bank  Account Details

Bank: HBL


Account  No: 2292-79173466-03

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Mr Uzair Sheikh | Assistant Director (Administration and Examination)
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