News Seminar on Pakistan’s Nuclear Safety and Security

Seminar on Pakistan’s Nuclear Safety and Security


Concept Note
Pakistan’s Nuclear Safety and Security

Expert Panel Discussion
Centre for International Peace and Stability (CIPS)
(14.00 hrs. 03 November 2022)

Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program has been under constant external stress since its inception,
which is unlikely to abate in the near future. Furthermore, geopolitical realignments have also
had extraordinary effects on the inter-state relationships that Pakistan had developed over the
course of this program during a rollercoaster of tumultuous times, events, and circumstances,
both within the country and without.

In light of Pakistan’s friendly relationship with the People’s Republic of China (PRC), and
India’s growing strategic alignment with the United States; Pakistan’s unevenrelations are
creating new patterns of convergence and divergence on the geostrategic landscape. Keeping in
view the existential threat from its eastern neighbour, Pakistan has made nuclear deterrence the
centerpiece of its security doctrine. Taking into account the international norms on nuclear non-
proliferation, Pakistan has consistently, progressively and robustly improved the safety and
security of its nuclear assets. A robust Nuclear Command Authority has ensured that Pakistani
nuclear weapons operate under a centralized and cohesive command and control system.

Due to the increasing geostrategic competition between the United States and China, Pakistan
has often been unfairly targeted by US policy makers and opinion makers, particularly with
reference to its collaboration with China within the framework of BRI and the safety and security
of its nuclear weapon program. The recent statement attributed to the US President has testified
to this trend. This criticism has been exacerbated by the chaotic and unplanned departure of the
US forces from Afghanistan, and the consequential perception that there is a marked increase in
violent non-state actor anti-western activities in the region.

This discussion is being conducted to highlight the vigorous measures that are in place to keep its
nuclear assets safe and secure from all threats, including those from terrorist activities.

Key issues to be discussed:

  • Measures in place to ensure the safety and security of Pakistan’s nuclear assets
  • The measures undertaken to prevent the re-emergence of a terrorist campaign to
    destabilise the State’s infrastructure, LEA, civil society, and citizenry at large
  • Malicious propaganda to link Pakistan’s nuclear program to the rise in the activities of
  • Pakistan’s continued commitment to maintain friendly relations with all nations,
    including the United States and China
  • Pakistan’s foreign policy concerns in light of India’s aggressive maneuvers in Kashmir
  • Audience:
    All CIPS MS Students & PhD Candidates (Attendance is Mandatory)
    CIPS Faculty
    Boardroom, Jinnah Auditorium
    Date and Time:
    3rd November 2022, 2 to 5 pm