1. NSWC delegation led by Rear Admiral Syed Zain Zulfiqar along with 37 Allied participants visited NUST/CIPS at 1100 hrs on 2 April 2018. The participants were received at CIPS by Pro-Rector Acad, Principal NIPCONS and other staff and faculty members. The participants were taken to the Board Room and were briefed about NUST and CIPS/ PKT Dept by Samana Rubab and Brig Imran Rashid (Retd) respectively. The NUST briefing covered the history of NUST, its national and international ranking, admission criteria/ fee structure and other general features and achievement of university, whereas CIPS/PKT Dept brief focused on Pakistan Peacekeeping contributions as well as CIPS/ Peacekeeping Training Dept vision, core objective, training methodology and execution conducted within the framework of a UN policy, guidelines and instructions executed in a unique Hybrid model.


  1. The briefing was followed by a Q/A session. The questions raised following the brief was directed at NUST studies programmes being offered to foreign participants. PhD programmes, admission formalities and fee structure for foreign students, whereas questions regarding Peacekeeping Dept were focused on challenges faced by Pakistan’s Peacekeepers in UN missions and how these are addressed, protection of civilian training, holding of international women seminar/ female participation in UN peacekeeping operations and conducting  practical training. One of the allied participant suggested that in view of the UN international recognition/ certification of CIPS, allied officers attending NSWC should be allowed to attend a UN course during their stay so that they also become certified Peacekeeper from CIPS/NUST. The answers to questions were given by Pro-Rector Acad, Principal NIPCONS and Brig Imran Rashid (Retd).


  1. After the briefing the visitors were taken to Jinnah Auditorium cafeteria for refreshments which was followed by presentation of NUST shield to CI and souvenirs to all participants. Thereafter, the delegation, after the group photograph, visited two schools i.e. SEECS and SMME in two groups where they were briefed, along with demonstration/ simulations activities different innovations, inventions and apparatuses crafted by the students in collaboration with respective faculty.


  1. Overall the visit went as planned and coordinated, the delegates were visibly impressed by NUST layout/ infrastructure and its contribution in diverse field as one of the leading university. The delegation was finally seen off around 1330 Hrs.