Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC) Course – Ankara , Turkey

Brig Imran Rashid (Retd) attended Law of Armed Conflict Course (LOAC) conducted by Turkeys Partnership for Peace (PfP) Training Centre, at Ankara from 03 Oct to 13 Oct 2017. The course focused laws of armed conflict with the overall ambient on International Human laws (IHL) and International Human Rights Law (IHRL). The faculty were Subject Matter Experts from different institutions/ organizations around Ankara. The focused on various related topics like Responsibility to Protect (R2P). Peacebuilding, Responsibility while Protecting, Cyberwarfare and certain Thematic Issues.
The course was attended by serving, retired officers and civilians from 18 different countries. From Pakistan Dr Bakre Najmideen from PCS Dept and four serving Officers from Pakistan Army also attended the course.
The participants were taken to Istanbul on weekend for sightseeing and visiting Turkey’s heritage and cultural sights.

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