Events United Nations Military Observer Course – 33 (UNMOC-33)

United Nations Military Observer Course – 33 (UNMOC-33)

UN Certified Course


The United Nations Military Observer Course – 33 (UNMOC-33) was held at the Centre for International Peace and Stability (CIPS), NUST Islamabad, from August 21 to September 1, 2023. This course had the primary objective of training peacekeeping personnel in their roles and responsibilities as Military Experts on Mission (MEoM) when deployed within a UN peacekeeping mission. It aimed to equip them with the essential knowledge necessary to operate effectively in such mission areas.


The course was attended by 32 army personnel, including 18 from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and 14 from the Pakistan Army.

Conduct of the Course:

During the UNMOC-33, participants received instruction from a diverse team of trainers, which included peacekeeping instructors, subject matter experts (SMEs), and senior United Nations officials. The training curriculum was centered on the most up-to-date Specialized Training Material (STM) designed for Military Experts on Mission. Additionally, participants benefited from significant lectures derived from the Core Pre-deployment Training Module. This comprehensive approach ensured that the course covered essential knowledge and skills needed for effective performance in peacekeeping missions.

The participants also had the opportunity to attend a two-day event of the UN Peacekeeping Ministerial Preparatory Meet on August 30-31. The event focused on various themes related to the Safety and Security of Peacekeepers. The sessions were delivered by various national and international stakeholders, including high-ranking United Nations officials, subject matter experts, and civil-military officials.

Certificate Distribution:

The honorable guest Air Commodore (Staff) Khaled Owyed J Al Anazi, acting DA KSA distributed certificates to the participants.

Closing Remarks:

In the closing remarks, Dr. Muhammad Makki, Associate Dean of CIPS, congratulated the participants on their successful completion of UNMOC-33. He acknowledged the significant commitment of Pakistani peacekeepers in UN Peacekeeping missions. Dr. Makki also highlighted CIPS’s notable achievements in collaboration with leading regional and international peacekeeping training institutions. Over a short period, CIPS has organized 187 courses and trained over 3,317 peacekeepers in line with UN policies and guidelines. In conclusion, Dr. Makki extended his best wishes to the participants for their upcoming deployments. He expressed his pleasure at the diverse representation from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, emphasizing that training at CIPS reflects the diversity found within the UN itself.

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August 21,2023 - 1, 2023