Events UN Peacekeeping Ministerial Preparatory Meeting.

UN Peacekeeping Ministerial Preparatory Meeting.

International Conference

CIPS-NUST proudly hosted UN Peacekeeping Ministerial Preparatory Meeting. The prestigious event was a collaborative effort between Pakistan and Japan🇵🇰🇯🇵, underscoring unwavering commitment to maintaining peace and stability in conflict zones worldwide🕊️🇺🇳.
🌐 The event, held on August 30-31, 2023, focused on the central theme of “Ensuring the Safety and Security of UN Peacekeepers.”
The Preparatory Meeting featured keynote addresses delivered by General Syed Asim Munir (COAS), Pakistan’s Foreign Minister and Defence Minister, emphasizing Pakistan’s commitment to UN peacekeeping and need to ensure the safety and security of the UN peacekeepers.
The event drew participation from Member States represented in the UN Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations, comprising 156 countries, and welcomed local and international experts.
🌍 Senior officials from the UN Secretariat, including the Under-Secretary-General for Peace Operations, the Under-Secretary-General for Operational Support, and the UN Police Advisor, also attended.
During the two-day event, panel discussions delved into critical sub-themes, including addressing capacity-building needs, exploring the safety and security of UN peacekeepers within the bounds of international law, enhancing the medical capabilities of UN peacekeeping missions, and harnessing technology and strategic communication.
Specialized insights were provided, including an expert presentation on the threats posed by Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and a briefing on the system of pledging.
🇵🇰 Pakistan’s role in UN peacekeeping has been substantial, dating back to 1960, with over 230,000 men and women deployed to 46 UN peacekeeping missions. 172 Pakistani peacekeepers made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.
The Preparatory Meeting served as a vital precursor to the UN Peacekeeping Ministerial, scheduled to be held in Ghana in December 2023.

August 30,2023 - 30, 2023