Events UN GENDER ADVISORS COURSE and Female Engagement Team (UNGAC FETC-07), 2023

UN GENDER ADVISORS COURSE and Female Engagement Team (UNGAC FETC-07), 2023

UN Certified Course


UN Female Engagement Team Course and UN Gender Advisory Course was conducted by the Department of Peacekeeping Training (PKT) at the Centre for International Peace & Stability (CIPS). The course commenced on 13th March, 2023 and successfully concluded on 24th March, 2023.


Ten lady officers of the Pakistan Army attended the course. The female peacekeepers were appointed to be deployed at UN Peacekeeping Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS). 10 civilian students attended the UN Gender Advisory Course.

Objective – UN Female Engagement Team Course (UNFETC) – 07.

This course is conducted with the purpose to exclusively sensitize the female peacekeepers for the assignment in peacekeeping missions. During the course, the participants were trained to:


    • Build greater trust within the local community through interaction with the female population and understanding their problems.
    • Enhance local women’s engagement at grassroots level and resultant strategy to benefit this relatively neglected but needy segment of society.
    • Provide psychological support to local women as they grapple with conflict-related sexual violence, including sexual abuse and the resultant depression and stress.
    • Deliver awareness sessions for women regarding health, female empowerment, self-protection against violence, child abuse, among other issues.
    • Provide vocational training such as sowing, embroidery, first aid, computer skills to locals.
    • Provide training to female staff of the National Police and Army to enhance their professional capacity.

Objective UN Gender Advisor Course (UN GAC) – 07.

This course focused on the UN SG resolve to lay desired emphasis on Women Peace and Security, and Youth Peace and Security with specific focus on employment of peacekeepers as Gender Advisor and Gender Focal in UN field missions. The training enables participants to be sufficiently equipped to act as military gender advisers or military gender focal points in peace operations, and thus to be able to put into practice the UN Security Council resolutions on Women, Peace and Security, the protection of civilians, child protection and conflict-related sexual violence.

Closing Ceremony.

The closing ceremony took place on March 24th, 2023 wherein successful participants were given certificates.

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March 13,2023 - 24, 2023