Events UN Engagement Platoon (UNEP-1)

UN Engagement Platoon (UNEP-1)

UN Certified Course


The UN Engagement Platoon (UNEP-1) course was conducted as per United Nations Reinforced Training Package (RTP) concerning the recently launched engagement platoon. This course placed a significant emphasis on ensuring the safety of vulnerable and at-risk populations. The development of engagement capabilities was crucial to effectively bolster the achievement of the mission’s objectives and commitments.


The objective of the UNEP-1 course was to cultivate meaningful involvement with gender in conflicted communities and advocate for the integration of individuals at all levels and roles within peacekeeping missions to achieve long-term sustainable peace.

Participation overview

Seventeen officers from the Pakistan Army, including 13 female officers, attended the UNEP-1 course, emphasizing gender-inclusive participation in peacekeeping training.


The UNEP-1 course was designed to equip peacekeepers with the essential knowledge needed to carry out tasks effectively in UN missions. Participants benefited from a comprehensive learning approach in the UNEP-1 course, involving the provision of Specialized Training Material (STM) for in-depth study. Additionally, they received enlightening presentations from Adjunct Faculty to gain insights from subject matter experts (SME). The course further incorporated hands-on learning through extensive Scenario-Based/Tabletop Exercises, ensuring a well-rounded and experiential educational environment.

Certification awarded

Upon completion of the course, certificates were presented to successful participants.

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November 6,2023 - 18, 2023