Events The United Nations Military Observer Course – 36 (UNMOC)

The United Nations Military Observer Course – 36 (UNMOC)

UN Certified Course


The United Nations Military Observer Course – 36 (UNMOC) was conducted at the Centre for International Peace and Stability, NUST Islamabad, from December 11 to December 22, 2023. The objective of this course was to equip Peacekeepers for their positions as UN Military Observers in both current and prospective UN Peacekeeping Operations. Participants were tasked with applying a range of knowledge, skills, and attitudes associated with the role of a UN Military Observer within the context of the UN Integrated Training Service.


Fifteen officers participated in the course including one lady officer from the Pakistan Army.

Conduct Methodology

Participants underwent a thorough tiered training process, encompassing Core Pre-deployment Training Materials (CPTM), Specialized Training Materials (STM), and in-mission training. Military Observers from significant missions provided briefings on mission environments, mandates, and the specific roles/assignments of military observers. This approach aimed to offer participants a more contextualized understanding of their deployment areas.

Field Exercise:

The Peacekeeping Training Department conducted the field exercise for UNMOC-36, set in the semi-mountainous terrain of Pabbi, situated 160 km from Islamabad. This practical training session served as the linchpin for UNMOC-36, strategically crafted to comprehensively prepare military observers for the complexities of peacekeeping missions. Deliberately designed with scenario-based exposure, the exercise immersed participants in authentic situations, including UN interactions, hostage crises, and evacuation coordination.

Closing Ceremony

On December 22, 2023, Dr. Muhammad Makki, the Chief Guest, and Associate Dean, presented certificates to the successful participants during the closing ceremony. In his concluding remarks, the Associate Dean extended his appreciation to the dedicated participants. Stressing the importance of peacekeeping, particularly in the context of evolving conflicts, Dr. Makki underscored the crucial role of training programs in enhancing participants’ comprehension and addressing dynamic challenges essential for peacekeepers in mission areas. Moreover, he emphasized the synergistic relationship between practical application and academic knowledge as a fundamental strength of peacekeepers.


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December 11,2023 - 22, 2023