Events The UN Engagement Platoon (UNEP-2)

The UN Engagement Platoon (UNEP-2)



The UN Engagement Platoon (UNEP-2) course was conducted as per United Nations Reinforced Training Package (RTP) concerning the recently launched engagement platoon from January 8 to January 16, 2024.


The objective was to cultivate meaningful involvement with gender in conflicted communities and advocate for the integration of individuals at all levels and roles within peacekeeping missions to achieve long-term sustainable peace.

Participation overview

Fourteen officers from the Pakistan Army, including 12 female officers, attended the course, emphasizing gender-inclusive participation in peacekeeping training.


The course was designed to equip peacekeepers with the essential knowledge needed to carry out tasks effectively in UN missions. Participants were exposed to the various facets of their roles and tasks as part of ET.  Additionally, they received enlightening presentations from Adjunct Faculty to gain insights from subject matter experts (SME). Participants also got in mission training through Seminars and hands-on learning through extensive Scenario-Based/Tabletop Exercises, ensuring a well-rounded and experiential educational environment.

Closing Ceremony

On 16 January 2024, a formal closing ceremony was organized wherein the participants were handed over certificates for completion of their training. In his closing remarks, the chief guest Dr. Muhammad Makki, the Associate Dean, emphasized the critical importance of gender inclusivity in peacekeeping efforts. He expressed his heartfelt appreciation for the participants who successfully completed the course, commending their dedication and commitment. Dr. Makki specifically recognized the significant contributions of female participants, particularly highlighting the noteworthy role of Pakistani female peacekeepers in making substantial impacts on UN peacekeeping missions worldwide.

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January 8,2024 - 12, 2024