Events Summer Course – CPS 101 Introduction to International Peace and Security (IPS)

Summer Course – CPS 101 Introduction to International Peace and Security (IPS)


International peace and security has different meaning for different states. Each state views security issues from its own peculiar geo-strategic and geo-political perspectives. While the era in the aftermath of the establishment of United Nations witnessed relative peace yet the current security environment marked by civil wars, terrorism, organized crime, pandemics, rise of nationalism, mistrust in global institutions, natural and manmade disasters and effects of climate change, is threatening to upend the global order and undermine the world peace. Since these threats transcend national boundaries, today more than ever before, there is a demand for greater level of cooperation among states – through regional and global multilateral institutions.

From the academic point of view, a multidisciplinary approach is imperative to understand the causes and consequences of threats to national and international peace and security. Thus, there is a genuine relevance of this course for students and professionals, having backgrounds in social and administrative sciences and in the disciplines such as engineering, science and technology, and every other discipline that can rationalize with the idea of peace and security.

The course aims to provide students with the knowledge and necessary skills to understand and critically analyse the evolving and contributing factors – challenging the contemporary international peace and security. It will help students to understand both the theoretical and historical background of politics, war, law and economy as well as their interplay in shaping as well as threatening the global order.

Course Participants Views about the Course

Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher. You don’t just teach, you inspire!

– Farhan Khan, S3h NUST

This summer course by CIPS, NUST; really intrigued my interest since day 1. It was a pleasant recap of my 6 IR semesters so far, lectures delivered by Dr. Salma and Dr. Humaira, were two of my favorites!

– Syeda Shanzay, IR NDU

A wonderful experience altogether. Had a great interaction with future leaders. Course was well planned. Thanks to all the speakers who made sure that we get the knowledge under the umbrella of international peace and security. Special thanks to Prof.Dr. Tughral Yamin for arranging the education trip to AIMH, Rawalpindi.

– Nauman Gul

The course was quite enlightening and it covered majority of the topics related to International Peace and Security. The instructors had a good grip over the topics they taught. However, coherence of the subject topics and coordination could be improved but overall it was a good experience.

– Sammar Amin, IR NDU

All in all a wonderful experience. A well constructed and easy to follow course yet challenging and thought provoking. Special thanks to all the faculty for there efforts and in-depth knowledge.

– Sana Rauf,  S3H NUST

The IPS summer course most definitely helped me out in my interests. For someone, who was always interested in Peace and Conflict studies, and Security/Defense studies, the course over all gives you a basic idea of how all of these things are incorporated in the global structures of our world.
The professors were all highly qualified in their respective fields and cooperative in regards to our personal interests in the course.

– Areesha Shah, S3H NUST

July 18,2022 - 13, 2022