Events Farewell Message by Mirza Saleem Baig

Farewell Message by Mirza Saleem Baig

It was indeed an honor serving this great institute for over eight (08) years. I do not recall a moment when my dedication and perseverance was ever put to question. It was only made possible when I treated this esteemed institute as my home. This perception made me work untiringly, under severe resource constrained environment, dearth in desired number of staff and the non-availability of desired financial support.
When I took over as Head of Department, it had one UN recognized course i.e. the certification process by UN ITS. With Allah’s blessing this institute today has four (4) UN recognized courses, while case for two more courses is under desk review with UNITS. Indeed, an unprecedented number of courses when compared with all the Peacekeeping Training Institutes (52 institutes) in the world!
I joined in Dec 2014 with total of 27 Courses conducted by Peacekeeping Training Department ever since its establishment. As I leave today, Peacekeeping Training Department is in the process of running UN Female Engagement Team Course– 6 and Gender Advisor Course– 6 making the total courses conducted till Dec 2022 as 172.
I also admit with great pride that this institute afforded me a prestigious podium to hone my professional skills and competency. As I leave, the number of courses, conferences and workshops done / conducted are again unprecedented, when I compared with any other faculty member in the institute, Alhumdolillah.
I am deeply indebted to Allah, whose blessings continued to shower upon me all along the journey I treaded in CIPS. My tenure as HoD Peacekeeping Training was spread more than six and half years, again unprecedented in CIPS. May this institute progress and prosper with every coming day, month and year. I shall always pray and love to stay connected till death.
Allah bless NUST & CIPS with all the success.
With the best wishes.
Brig Mirza Saleem Beig (Retd)