Events CIPS-NBC Security Workshop

CIPS-NBC Security Workshop


“CIPS-NBC Security Workshop” (first edition) was organized by the Centre for International Peace and Stability (CIPS) at the NUST Balochistan Campus (NBC), Quetta. The workshop took place on the 26th and 27th October, 2022.
The workshop was programmed to engage the youth of Balochistan constructively and to initiate interactive learning practices to understand both the aspirations and challenges of local communities. Particular attention was paid to illuminate the positive role of youth in sustainable peace and development.
Workshop speakers included Professor Dr Tughral Yamin (Associate Dean CIPS), Dr Muhammad Makki (HoD PCS), Brig Agha Ahmed Gul (Retd) (Head of ‘Balochistan Think Tank Network’ [BTTN] at BUITEMS), and Dr Akbar Khan (Assistant Professor at Command and Staff College, Quetta).
The topics discussed during the Security Workshop included: ‘Balochistan Geostrategic Inheritance – Managing its strength and Weaknesses’, ‘Subversion and Public Perception: A Non-Traditional Security Threat’, ‘Mineral Resources of Balochistan and the Role of Youth’, and ‘Understanding the Identity and ‘Security-Development’ Nexus in Balochistan’.

October 26,2022 - 27, 2022